Speaker calibration using Avia. How?!?

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    Good day all!
    Maybe I'm missing something, maybe I'm not bright enough to understand, mostly, I think I'm just confused. In any case, I cannnot figure out how to calibrate my speakers using Avia. I've done calibrations using my Onkyo TX-DS696 internal tones w/SPL meter, no problem. However I'm adding a sub now, and from what I've read on this forum, there's some indication that the internal tones are "off" for the LFE. That being said, I would like to recalibrate everything using my DVD (Avia), which seems to be the preferred calibration method anyway.
    Now, when I calibrate using the internal tones, I can easily enter the receiver menu, generate tones, adjust, etc. Using Avia, how do I use the Avia tones while in this menu, or is this even where the DVD calibration occurs? I see many posts citing "00" as reference, with +/- for actual listening, but I do not see this on my receiver, or at least I do not know how to acheive this. When I calibrate a channel to 85db, I end up between 30-40 on the dial. I'm assuming that this is just a difference between various models of receivers, in that mine just displays the volume level as a numerical value starting "0" being the lowest volume.
    I have more questions, but i suspect they will start to answer themselves once you folks help me understand the fundamentals of using Avia instead of internal test tones.
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    the "00" mark as a reference will vary from receiver to receiver. That's just given as a reference because it's an easy mark to remember.
    Personally, I can't use 00 because that's as high as my receiver goes.....it starts out at -80 and goes to 00.
    Anyhow, you just use the 5 channel test tone in the audio calibration area of the disc. It works really the same way your receiver's internal tones work. The tone moves from speaker to speaker (not including sub) and you adjust your channel settings until you're reading 75db (or 85...whatever your preference) on all channels.
    Calibrating the sub with Avia is fairly difficult from what I've found. I usually just set to my calibrated volume and use the internal tones for sub calibration. It's just easier than picking a tone on the disc.
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    The internal tones on the Onkyo are quite a bit off. Here's what you do:
    Set all channels to 0 and set all channels to small (important for sub tones to work right). Play the left main tone on Avia and then turn the main volume up until the SPL meter reads 75db (or 85db if you're doing it at full reference, which I find WAY too loud). Make note of this volume as it is your reference level. Then, go through each tone and adjust each channel to that same db level (using the CH SEL key on your 696's remote and the two arrows underneath it).
    Next go to the subwoofer tones and play the left main sub tone. The Radio Shack SPL meter reads 3db too low because of the frequencies used for this tone (in other words, 75db on the meter is really about 78db). If you're a stickler for reference level, set the sub to -3db from reference, but most people like a little extra oomph. Personally, I calibrate mine so that the meter reads 76-77db (with the meter dialed to 80 -- it makes the needle bounce a bit less).
    Now this is the important part: The Onkyo doesn't save the settings if you use the CH SEL button. Immediately after you set all the levels, press SETUP and then go to CAL LEVEL and just scroll all through the internal test tones. This should save these settings as your defaults so you won't lose them when you power off.

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