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Feb 10, 2001
I have the Integra 5.2 receiver with DPLII. I have Video Essentials Disk. Now my Integra receiver Master Volume goes from 0 to 79, 79 is the Max on the receiver. I have all my speakers set to 0 and the Sub set at -12. Now what is my refernce level?. The refernce level can't be 0 becuase when I set it to 0 no sound comes out and I can't set my speakers to 75 db on my SPL Meter.Also I have a feature on the integra called Intellivolume has anyone heard this feature, it goes from -12 to +12 it make the receiver louder as you go up in DB. I have the Intellivolume set at 0. What is my reference level. What I do is raise the master volume to like 60 db on my left front speaker and I get a reading of +1 on all of my speakers including my rears that doesn't sound right. My Front speakers are 8 feet aswell as the center and the rears are 9 feet in distance from the main seating position. When I had my Pioneer Elite my refernce level was 0. Can anyone help.

Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999
Short answer: start the VE disk. It will explain how to use the SPL meter and get you to 75 db.
Longer Answer: Let the test-tone start on one of your main L/R speakers. With the SPL meter at your chair, turn up the main volume until the meter reads 75 db at your chair.
When the sound switches to the center speaker, use the Setup Menu and adjust the center volume up/down so that it also produces 75 db.
When the sound moves to the R front, it should already be at 75 db.
Adjust the two rear speakers up/down when the test-tones move to them.
Here is why you were confused: Your receiver display was calibrated at the factory to produce sound using a "reference" speaker and measured with a sound-meter typically 1 foot away from the speaker.
But you have a different speaker.
And you sit more than 1 foot away from your speakers.
So your display only aproximates the sound level you should hear in your room. But it will not exactly match. Putting the sound-meter in your chair takes into account your room, your distance, your speakers, etc.
Hope this helps.

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