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    Jan 14, 2005
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    Hello all, I am in the process of starting my low voltage for my home theater and have a few questions!

    1. I am planning to install the JBL Synthesis Speakers. Should I run 12 gauge CL-3 rated wire behind the walls for everything but the subs? Is that a good strategy? Any suggestions on brands and where to shop?

    2. What should I prewire for sub pre-amp?

    3. Should each speaker pair have the same length of speaker wire?(i.e. left front and right front have the same length or can one be significantly less than the other)


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    Mar 3, 2005
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    Taken from

    Speaker Cable Length Differences: Do they matter?
    By: Gene DellaSala
    Date: 12/26/04

    There are NO reasons why cable lengths between pair channels (ie. Main Left, Main Right, Rear Left, Rear Right, etc) need to be kept identical, but avoiding a ratio greater than 4:1 of identical wire gauge is good measure for minimizing RLC losses which can affect system damping factor and attribute to frequency response variations. If cable runs need to be much longer, selecting a cable of lower gauge is advised provided that the geometry and conductor spacing is conducive of keeping Inductance (recommended < .200uH/ft) and Capacitance (recommended < 50pF/ft) in check.
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    1. Twelve-gauge CL-3 will be fine. If you can’t find some at a local hardware store, try Parts Express.

    2. The cheapest method is to use RG-59 or RG-6. You can use an F-to RCA converter to get the signal to your sub.

    3. Pretty much what Kevin said - doesn’t have to be exact, but shouldn’t be a significant difference. And what’s “significant” depends on the lengths we’re talking about. For instance, 7’ for one and 14’ for the other is a significant difference, but at those distances it won’t matter. Now, 50’ and 100’ – that’s another matter entirely.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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