Speaker Cable sold on ebay question

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  1. Ernesto.Morin

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    Anybody ever buy the blue speaker cable that ebay users are selling? It is sold as 12 ga and 10 ga. I have the home depot kind and was wondering if this was just as good.
  2. Jim Mcc

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    Stick with Home Depot's.
  3. Allan Jayne

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    If it is as advertised, 12 gauge copper or 10 gauge copper, then it is just as good electrically (although it might not look as good cosmetically).

    Beware of aluminum wire, you need a thicker wire to do the same job (I think one size larger is enough) and also the connections have to be made differently to minimize oxidation over time.

    I'd go with the previous reply -- buy it locally -- just to avoid problems with buying things sight unseen from mail order sellers not as well known as Blue Jeans Cable.

    Video hints:
  4. Bob McElfresh

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    If you already have good 12 ga, it's really not worth switching to some other brand of 12 ga for a HT system in my opinion.

    Wires DO flavor the sound a bit. If you had a high-accuracy 5 channel music system, you MIGHT be able to detect the slight difference some other speaker wire will make.

    But a HT system is very different. The Video takes up most of your attention, followed by the dialog. Then comes the supporting music and special effects sounds. Add to the mix that a DVD soundtrack is 6-to-1 compressed and that you DONT watch the same movie twice in a month, but you will listen to the same song several times a week, perhaps a day. This all adds up to you not being very sensitive to the effect a different brand of 12 ga wire will make.

    This is just my opinion and it comes from someone who does NOT listen to much music on his home system. Other HTF members who are more audiophile orriented often disagree with me on this topic. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps.

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