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    I was recently fortunate enough to upgrade with a Denon 4802 and Vel HGS-12 sub. [​IMG]
    I bought 6 sets of banana plugs (6.1 setup) for the speakers to receiver. The salesman was really pushing me to buy banana plugs for the speakers as well. He was encouraging me to buy the monster connectors that are combined. I declined. What is the advantage of this type of connector? Does it really make a difference whether you screw the speaker wire directly to the post or screw it to a connector than plug into a speaker? He said absolutely but could not formulate a reasonable explanation(I suspect margin) Any thoughts?
    2nd question. I am relegating my old sub to the rear. The wire run is just over 40'. When looking for cables that long, someone mentioned using RG6 with f to rca adapters. Makes sense. Good enough for sat TV. Any thoughts on this?
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    Neil Joseph
    I like bananas all around. Some people like spades. If you are connecting and reconnecting a lot like I used to do then it is much more convenient. I don't like bare wire. It oxidizes and increases the resistance in the connections. RG6 coax cable with F-RCA adaptors at each end is a viable solution for a longer run like you are using. I have 2 subs in my room. The closer one uses a regular sub cable but the furtehr one uses this solution. It works good and is much cheaper than buying a 40' sub cable.

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