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    I am about to move into the house that I've been having built for the last year. My small aiwa mini home theater that has served me well through law school and now in my apt. for a few years died the other night. I would like to setup up a moderate home theater using my existing sony DVD player in the new house. My question concerns acoustics. The room I would like to set it up in is a family room that has ceilings which go up two stories. I was looking at the polk 6600 package (5 small satellites) and the accompanying 3500 sub. I am thinking of getting a 50 inch Toshiba widescreen HDTV to replace my existing 27 inch set. I will also need a receiver. As for the speakers, I plan on setting up a couch in front of the tv and situating the speakers around the couch. Do you think the sound will be dispersed too much due to the size of the room, even with the speakers directed towards the couch?

    For a little more, I can buy polk bookshelf or floorstanding speakers and matching surrounds, center, and sub. I will use the system for music, but primarily for HT. I'm not an audiophile and just want a good system for the money (I have to furnish this place, so I'd like to spend no more than about 4 grand on this setup). The polk speaker system has gotten good reviews and I like that they are satellites, but if it would be much better to go with bookshelf or floorstanding speakers, I could spend a little more. I'm not married to polk, the 6600 series just had good reviews everywhere I read.

    I know this isn't alot to go on, without seeing the setup of the room, etc. and that I need to audition anything I buy. I was just hoping for some general advice and in particular I would like to know if a satellite setup would cut it for a room this size. Also, that leaves about $500 for the receiver. I've read good things about Onkyo, Dennon, Yamaha and Hardon Kardon. Crutchfield seems to offer a few models for each of these manufacturers in my price range. Any recommendations. Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the forum! You are in the right place for Home Theater, you'll get things taken care of. (You'll also likely spend more than you wanted. [​IMG] )
    In my experience, Aiwa doesn't have very clear sound. If you don't know what I mean, listen to some higher end stuff at an audio store. The feeling you get when you can't tell where the sound is coming from, that is a sign of good placement and good speakers.
    Check out my home theater setup.
    my setup
    It is low end Polk, but it really rocks when it needs to. Keep in mind I can never really crank it because of an apartment. I got some exceptional deals but if you to buy all my stuff retail, MSRP from Polk, I think i'm somewhere under $900. The sub I got from Sears on a pricematch for $110. BTW, if you get the lower end Denon receivers, they are really great, but their remotes suck a lot. I'm not joking, they are the worst remotes I have ever seen. Don't be fooled by a picture, they are that bad. I suggest the Radio Shack 15-1994 remote, although I think they came out with a newer model.
    Oh, and make sure to check around the forum's television section for suggestions and what to and not to buy.
    Good Luck,
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    The door is wide open for recommendations, and you will get many, many opinions.

    The best thing to do is listen to as many different brands, types and styles of speakers and make a decision after you've had time to think it out.

    With your budget, you can really put together a nice system. The thing is, you have a lot of cubic feet to deal with. This is not going to affect the mids and highs, but the bass will suffer.

    Devote 1/2 of your money to speakers. Get the best you can afford.

    I have about $1700 wrapped up in my audio, and I'm in heaven....

    NHT SuperOne fronts

    NHT SuperZero surrounds

    Yamaha NS-AC300 Center

    SV 20-39CS, NHT SA-2 165w

    HK AVR110

    Sony DVD (1997 model)

    Read as much as you can and ask as many question as it takes!

    - CM

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