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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Chris_Estrada, Jun 30, 2004.

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    I saw the original frame of spartacus on a website demonstrating the benefits of anamorphic widescreen. There were several lines showing the different extractions for the dvd's and theater showings. I want to know why they cant use the entire negative for the dvd's or theater prints? Or, if appliacable, why they DON'T use the entire negative. Thank you.
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    When projected in the theater, there is an "aperture plate" placed (between the gate and the lens? -- I'm not sure where) that ensures the picture is framed properly. Without the aperture plate, if the projector is located at a differerent elevation than the screen, the result would be "smile" distortion. Also, if the screen has any curve to it, the result would be "bowtie" distortion without the aperture plate. The aperture plate shaves off a tiny bit of picture but ensures that what ends up on the screen is a perfect rectangle.

    Sort of like overscan on a TV.

    Also, I believe splices would be visible if the entire exposed are of the negative were used. You can tell an under-matted 'Scope presentation by the visible splices at the top or bottom of the frame. That's why the filmed ratio is 2.35:1 but it is properly projected at 2.40:1. (Or is that 2.39:1?)

    I realize this is a crude description, so if anyone can clarify what I've said with proper technical terms, please feel free. [​IMG]
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