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Discussion in 'Computers' started by DonnyD, Apr 18, 2005.

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    This is kind of a rant but I'd like to get some ideas too.

    I have a new concern about the methods I have been using to control the evil spam machine that I am sure plagues everyone with a computer. I daily get 3-4 spams concerning drugs that are worded dimply to bypass spam filters. I began to wonder why they are worded that way.......

    I use bellsouth as my internet service and have employed their "spam" service in an effort to curb the crap. Now I am concerned with how the filters work......I am sure the filters work according to subject wording or something like that.... and now I am concerned that these d### spams are worded just so if sent to your spam filter, the filter will begin to filter "valid" emails that may contain a simliar phrase......Is that correct?

    This stuff is getting annoying. I have set up another email address through another site just to try to avert some of the garbage. Does anyone know any other way to block this junk? I already block all cookies except a few to fav forums, such as this one, and I've had a router for some time now but this crap still gets through way too much for my liking. Any help appreciated.
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    Try SpamBayes. It uses an algorithm called "Bayesian Filtering" and it is very effective.

    This link explains what Bayesian Fitlering is and how it works. You can also search Google for more info on Bayesian Filtering.

    With SpamBayes, the number of spams in my inbox has been reduced from 50-100 a day, to 2-3 per day. Messages that are obviously spam are automatically sent to a JUNK folder, and a handful of ambiguous messages (about 5-10 per day) are sent to a JUNK SUSPECTS folder, which only takes a few seconds to check.

    SpamBayes has made e-mail useful again!!!
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    My local ISP filters out spam for me.

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