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Space 1999 Set 7&8 Special Features

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Dave Scarpa

    Dave Scarpa Producer

    Apr 8, 1999
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    David Scarpa
    They're on the way, but I looked at the miniscule artwork online and it looks like A&E did not include any documentaries or the short Film "Message from Moonbase Alpha" like they were supposed to. Did they not get clearance on this stuff? It seems like the A&E sets are always short shifted on features from the Carlton Counterparts. The upcoming UFO set looks like it continues this trend. A&E Must think their are fans over here or why would they release the sets? The 1999 sets have sold well, so why not provide the extras? Does Carlton really Give it to them in Licensing fees or something?
  2. Jimmy M

    Jimmy M Second Unit

    Feb 3, 2001
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    The set does not really include any documentary material that was recently produced. It does have some behind the scenes special effects stuff narrated by Brian Johnson, as well as vintage interviews with the cast and Brian Johnson (I was going to just abbreviate his name with initials, but decided against it [​IMG] )
    A posting in another thread said that the French release of season 2 contains "Message from Alpha," but that is the ONLY place to get it. I posted a reply asking where he got it and how much it was, but haven't gotten a response. yet.
    BTW, my new cover inserts for season 2 will soon be sent in to DVDCoverart.com. Year 1 is there now!
    PS Dave, if you want to know more of who I am, think Stop & Shop. [​IMG]

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