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Jan 24, 2010
East Tennessee
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I finished some changes that I planned in lighting. During construction, I ran four circuits through a outlet that utilized Lutron variable controls, with three using Maestro IR remote fixtures
Theater lights 1.jpg

The single non remote circuit ran to a pair of ceiling fans. I found out, when all was hooked up, that all the units worked simultaneously off one control, and can't be controlled individually. There is a pre set, that can be used to bring all the lights to one level. I originally ran LED rope lights, and found they didn't work. Recently, I replaced the rope light with incandescent rope light, and everything works well off the remote. I had originally mounted red oak stained crown molding on the wall, leaving a 1" gap between the top of the wall and the soffit above, to allow mounting the rope light and a gap for the light to shine through.
Theater light 2.jpg

This is a view with the pot lights at full illumination
Theater light 3.jpg

This is a view on the preset, with the rope light at full illumination, and the pot lights at partial (about 25%) illumination.

Theater light 4.jpg

I also put rope light around the screen. Once the projector is on, the light is only visible around the periphery of the frame. When I made the screen and the frame, I sized the frame to overhang the margin of the screen by about 2", and placed rope light mounts in the space. Using the remote, I can drop the light from full to the preset and when the program starts, if I hold the off button on for about 3 seconds, the hole system slowly dims and turns off over about 30 seconds.

If I can figure out how to resize the video, I'll post it.

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