Source for Dual RG6 Coax, w/ WHITE jacket?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by MikeHerbst, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. MikeHerbst

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    Howdy all.

    Does ANYONE have a source for a Dual ("siamese") RG6 coax cable, with a white jacket?

    I'm fairly certain such a thing is made, since it was used with our original DTV install (unless the guy used RG59, guess I should check that). But I can't find it for sale on the web. Found RG59 in this config, but not RG6...

    Due to multiple factors, we are swapping our SA Tivo/Sat box combo in the LR with the DirectTiVo in the bedroom.

    Among other things, this new placement gives me the opportunity to run two new lines to the location, so we can finally take advantage of the Dual-Tuner capability. I'll use the existing line back to the box for video distribution and an HPNA-over Coax (HCNA) home network.

    But the WAF and HOA-AF DEPEND on running cable that isn't going to clash severely with the house color (i.e. I need to at least make the effort to get white cable).

    I guess I COULD just run two stand-alone RG6 lines, but I'm thinking the siamese lines will be easier to install cleanly.

    One other question, a good chunk of the run will likely be along the base of the house near the ground. Do I need "buried" type cable too, or is that only a concern if its going to be buried in (possibly wet) earth?

  2. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    Your best bet for this stuff is probably a home theater installation store. But it will be cable stock only; in otherwords, you'll have to terminate it yourself with the "F" connectors.

    Any cable with the designation “RG-6U” is suitable for both outdoor use and direct burial.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
  3. Leo Kerr

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    Belden has a number of jacketed cables... the catch is you may end up having to buy 500' or 1000' spools if they have the combination you want.

    Leo Kerr
  4. KurtBJC

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    Belden 1841AC is available in white; it's an RG-6 type cable, two coaxes, solid copper center conductor with PE foam dielectric and a foil and 60% aluminum braid shield. We don't carry it, but you could obtain it by the 500-foot spool from a Belden distributor (probably by special order only; I doubt many people carry this in stock).

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