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"Soundstage" Has anyone heard of them? (2 Viewers)

Tim N

Jul 23, 2006
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Tim Nash
I went to a local retailer, Visions Electronics, here in Canada yesterday. I asked them to build me a system for around $1000 CAD plus or minus a few hundred bucks. He showed me their house brand, Soundstage, which is produced by jbl and distributed though their company.

The demo amazed me. He put on some christmas music by an orchestra and it almost brought me to tears. I've never heard 5.1 like that and it blew me away. You could hear the music as if the instruments were right next to you. It was simply fantastic. Needless to say, I was sold. But I thought that I would check with you guys before I pulled the trigger.

Anyway, the system retails for $2600 CAD, He said he'd give it to me for $1550.

Here's what it includes:

a) two mains "stage 500" 3x 6.5" cones
b) Center channel "stage center 5" 2x 6.5" cones
c) two bookshelf "stage 50" 5.25" cone
d) Stage 10 sub
e) Onkyo 7.1 Receiver.

Has anyone heard of Soundstage??

soundstage-audio is their website.

Gary Shipley

Second Unit
May 28, 2002
If you check the JBL site you'll find the entire series of these speakers. I'm not 100% sure, but I think these are the replacements for the E series, as the JBL sight no longer shows the E series. Someone else may have a little more info on this, but thats my opinion. If they are the replacements for the E series then I know what you're talking about as far as the sound goes. I have a pair of JBL ND 310's for my mains. The E100's were the replacements for those. And yes, they do sound really really good for the price. It will be quite a while before I replace them.


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Dec 24, 2001
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Real name
When Visions first started selling them I tried em' out. At the time I didn't like them very much. They were blowing out some high end warfedales at the time, so it wasn't a fair test.

I do like the Polk LSI they sell now.

"Soundstage" just seem like something you could get at futureshop. Which is why they are giving you such a great deal. HUGE markup. but there your ears, so its up to you. Good luck

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