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Sound & Vision vs. Avia for setup of HDTV (1 Viewer)


Jun 10, 2002
I recently purchased the Sound & Vision Home theater Tune up DVD to adjust my new Mits WS-65809 HD RPTV. What if any are the differences between this and the AVIA discs. I hope the S & V is good enough, I have spent to much money recently, and I want to get my set ISFed in a few months. Someone let me know.


Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001
Here's what Guy Kuo of Ovation says:

Home Theater Tune Up is not intended as a replacement for AVIA. The disc is a totally new production from the ground up. The live action tutorial is completely new and redone to make things easier for those just starting with home theater. The new disc has fewer total test signals, but the ones which are present add features which are not available on AVIA. You can't really compare them that way as so much is changed between the two discs. The HTT disc focuses more on making things easier and complete for the beginner. AVIA focuses more on technically oriented users.

The audio set now includes center rear tests for DD and DTS. Phasing for speakers has been changed to make it less sensitive to seating position.

The basic video calibration screens have been redone to make the end points easier to see. For instance, the new sharpness pattern is bandwidth restricted to make oversharpness and false outlining more in line with what one sees in the frequency sweeps. The Log Steps were increased in size for easier use.

The extra video test patterns include a focus pattern and crosshatch which is twice as fine as avaialable on any other DVD. The grayscale windows are done with extra markers to allow judgement of black level while making grayscale adjustments. The windows are also titled in the pattern itself so you don't have to toggle subtitles on/off to see which window is being displayed. And yes, the windows are free of the very slight tint present in the darker AVIA windows. As space was limited on the disk, the window set isn't complete, but I included enough to fully cover the upper and lower ends of the grayscale. HTT is meant for beginners and really wasn't meant to be used by calibrators but I sneaked in additional patterns to accomplish most calibration and setup tasks. In a lot of situations I find myself pulling up the new patterns in HTT instead of AVIA because of their updated design.

For the technical tweaker, AVIA offers more tools, but the majority of people will find HTT easier to use for things which are more commonly done. HTT also adds some features which were not possible in AVIA.

Guy Kuo
Ovation Software, The Calibration Tool Source

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
Of all posts I've read in my search on the subject, this is the first that really points in the direction of picking up S&V over Avia. I do have 6.1, but I am a fairly technical person. I'm somewhat leaning to S&V based on cost.

Any further commentary by learned HTF members would be great.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
i also have the s&v dvd. it worked well for me (i have a basic sony 32" direct-view).
it had all the basic calibration tests but i do wish it could have been a little more "in-depth". if i ever get a widescreen i'll probably look for a more detailed calibration dvd. the hosts of the show do a decent job explaining how to use the tests.
btw, you may find this thread worth reading. it includes a mini-review by me.

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