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    I am trying to determine if I have any issues with my sub xover. I have a Harman Kardon 520 receiver and an Energy ES-8 sub. There is a single RCA cable from the HK to the Energy's sub input. The sub xover is set to 80 Hz on the 520. I have axiom m3tis all around. The xover dial on the sub is set at 120 Hz.
    I have an Radio Shack SPL meter set at weighting C, slow response. The dial is set at 70.
    When playing the sub xover test tone in chapeter five on the referenced DVD (the tone that is played for 30 seconds), I notice that the tone begins at -10 on the spl meter and increases to about +2. Is this correct? Thanks!

  2. Bill Kane

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    welcome to the world of room peaks and nulls.
    Your meter range seems typical for "any 'ol room in the house" HTs. The low bass reinforcement can get prominent as the warble tone falls below 35Hz (or so)resulting in the SPL needle to jump 8-10 dB at the bottom of the tone. Is this your experience?
    The longer bass waves are reflecting and interacting with the room "decor", the walls, the open passages to room(s) beyond, the style of ceiling, you get the idea.
    Read about the Behringer Feedback Destroyer parabolic equalizer which is used to "tame" some of these peaks in the effort to get a flatter sub response throughout its range.
    Short of rearranging the the whole room setup and moving furniture, first make sure you have the sub in best location, usually a front corner, and you are satisfied with the sub phase setting. It's gonna be an art, not science, and many just live without an equalizer.
    And there's the infamous RatShack meter offsets, meaning it reads low at various levels under say 100Hz. Here's from SVS
    p.s. I found the test reading most variable when bass is sent to BOTH Mains and Sub: reinforcement/cancellations, so the ideal is to set receiver LFE/BassOut to SWFR (only).

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