Sound system questions including speaker cable, and setup

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ChrisDumont, Aug 17, 2003.

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    I plan on getting:

    2 Connoisseur C-9 Energy
    2 C-3 bookshelf ''
    1 C-C3 centre speaker ''
    2 CR3 surround speakers ''
    PB1-ISD SVS subwoofer
    Denon 3803 receiver

    Now what kind of speaker cables should I get? (12 gauge or something?) Oh and this may sound dumb, but if I purchased these speakers, do they come with any cable? Also, whats the proper way to setup up a 7.1 system? I heard you have the 2 surrounds pointing right at your ears a certain level above your head or something like that (and how would I setup every speaker?), and if I wanted to, could I use bookshelf speakers for the surrounds? (in case I wanted to downgrade to 5.1). Is 7.1 that much better than 5.1? If not I may just go for 5.1 since it would be cheaper. And is that subwoofer good for a 8' ceiling, 7' width, 10' length room? I may move into a bigger room in the future (in a few years) so I would like something with punch just in case my future room is larger than my current one. One more thing, what would I use to calibrate my sound system? And does calibrating make that much difference? Thx
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    Your best bet would be to start doing searches on this forum and for answers to these questions. Then, come back with a shorter list, and you would probably have better luck. Here are some answers off the top of my head. Speakers do not come with speaker cable. You can use bookshelfs as surrounds. A good place to start on calibrating your system is an SPL meter from radio shack and a test disc such as AVIA or Sound Essentials test disc. You really need to search and learn some of this stuff. Most of your questions will be answered. Also, where in the hell is your dealer? If you spent that much dough, he should be able to answer these questions no problem for you.

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