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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Tim Kline, Aug 21, 2001.

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    Friends and I are thinking of opening a comic book & other cool stuff kind of store. One thing we're gonna need is good tunes [​IMG] So I'm wondering, how would one set up a sound system in a store?
    I'm guessing we'd get a receiver and a 400 disc changer.. we won't need 5.1 sound or anything like that, this is just for music. I would need something that can take a lot of speakers. 2 wouldn't do it, 4 might not be enough. Like, what if the store is big and we want to fill it with music .. not volume-wise but just not have areas where the music is really low or sounds like it's coming from the back corner, etc.
    Anyone know of any receivers that could do this? Like instead of just A & B speakers, what about A B and C or something like that? With enough power to send the stereo signal to 6 speakers.
    Or could anyone recomend any kind of package or speaker setup?
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    what you would need is the stereo + (I dont know the tech name for it) but it will let your run multiple speakers (Most I have seen is 6) off your "A" channel... YOu can loose some quality doing this..but in a store..probably not noticable.... and depending on what kind you get. Ive seen them for 129$ by monster and some no-name brand for the one to run six speakers...but at a Higher-end store... they had one that ran 6 speakers...but was like 349$ or so...
    A lot can depend on how big your store is also...
    just some food for thought...
    good luck
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    Nov 24, 2000
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    hi tim,
    i sell a ton of multi room audio systems in philadelphia.
    it is actually easier than you think.
    all you need is a stereo receiver, a source and a speaker switcher. i also carry some in wall speakers that would add a classy touch to your store. it is alot less expensive/difficult than you might think. call me tomorrow at work and i can help you figure it out. 215-885-4970

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