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    hi all,

    just got a new ht system. i'm a newbie so if you could help me out. i have a new sony reciever and subwoofer( along with mains and surrounds). i see a lot of threads on spl meters and a test disk. i do not have a dvd player yet and probably won't be getting one for quite a while. just have the cd player,vcr and sattelite tv thats about it. i used the test tone on the reciever to set up all my speakers by ear and i'm wondering if it would benefit me to get one of the spl meters and use that. i see a lot of people on here using it with their dvd player but seeing i don't have one is it worth the $30 for the meter. thanks
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    I could really go either way on that question:

    On one hand, I would say it is important, and since you have receiver test tones- getting a meter is really the only way to get accurate results. Most people who do "by ear" are amazed at how far off they were when they finally get a meter. Getting accurate levels will help get the most out of your system- in your case prologic tracks from VHS or TV.

    On the other hand, often receiver tones are off anyway- so you might be equally "in the ballpark" just guessing by ear and going for it. What's more, without a DVD plaer, the critical 6 channel balance probably won't be as important (since anyone in the know will tell you prologic is an inexact science as you can imagine). I don't know if you get 5.1 broadcasts from your SAT system- but if not, you might be fine just waiting an dgetting a test disc and meter when you get around to DVD.

    So, I would say- you could go either way.


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