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  1. Willem Vos

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    Nov 14, 2000
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    Ok ,I've decided to get one of these to calibrate my system, but I need to know if it's ok for my needs...
    It's a Voltcraft sound level meter (whatever)
    It has A / C Weighting (?)
    and Slow / Fast response (??)
    It also has a "range" knob (of course [​IMG]) wich can be set to 110 or off.
    Is this thing any good?
  2. Bill_Weinreich

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    Sep 25, 2000
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    Never had experience with a Voltcraft but should be very similar to the Rat Shack model. To my knowledge, the weighting selects available freq. range. For HT, you should set it to C-weighting (broader range). Set response to slow. This will average the sound level where as fast is used for peak level readings. As far as range knob (110 or off?), you should have it set so the meter will read in the 70-80db range(reference at 75). Now turn on your test signals (in reciever or test disc), hold meter at main listening position, point it towards the front wall/ceiling intersection and adjust each speaker to 75. Dont know if you realy wanted all that but if it helped....

    Good luck,


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