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Sound Dynamics THS-10? (1 Viewer)

Feb 5, 2004
I have a Sound Dynamics THS-10 sub that I used to use in my HT. It has been replaced by a B&W when I upgraded my system a while back. It is a 10" front firing sub with a 100watt amp. Sound Dynamics was absorbed several years ago by API (Energy) and finding info on this sub is difficult to say the least. I have the manual with specs does anyone have idea what this thing is worth? I am looking to sell it but have no idea what it's value is. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Chris Sherman

Second Unit
Nov 30, 1998
Sound Dynamics speakers were always a part of API along with Energy and Mirage. The THS-10 was a part of the Theatrics line along with the THC-1 and THC-2 center channels and THR-BP1 bipolar surround speakers. They were designed to be used with the Reference series tower speakers the R515, R616 and R818's( dual 5.25", 6", and 8" drivers respectively.) All were designed by Godon Van Kessel. They were phased out and replaced by the RTI line, the last of the Sound Dynamics line, which were in turn replaced by the Athena line, also designed by Van Kessel. Van Kessel is now Director of engineering for Athena and Energy speakers. I briefly owned an RTS-1000 sub which replaced your THS-10 sub . I bought it on Ebay for $99 dollars and gave it to my mother along with a pair or RTS-3 bookshelf speakers, they were a big hit after Harry Pearson reviewed them, calling them "the best small speaker he'd ever heard". Probably a lot more history than you cared to hear, but back to your question . I don't think the sub is worth more than $100 in todays market . I think the weakest product in all of API's lines have been their subs . Most of them were feature limited and based around their, in house designed 100 watt(400w peak) mosfet amp , The driver in their 10" energy, mirage , and sound dynamics subs featured a pretty lightweight 28oz. magnet, they never went particullarly low or played very loud and were under ported and prone to port chuffing.

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