SOTL anamorphic PAL transfer not as good as NTSC Criterion transfer, how about Reg 1?

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    I read the other thread on SOTL hoping it was discussing the transfer but it was just about whether the WS or P&S was in stores yet.
    I've been avoiding the Criterion disc as the #1 reason to buy DVD to me is the film & the film alone which means I only buy anamorphic discs.
    I was disappointed to read a thread at the forum on stating the new PAL anamorphic transfer suffered from terrible grain, stating the clips on the 2nd disc look better than in the film itself.
    Can anyone tell me if the Reg 1 is any better?
    Check out the thread
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    I haven't seen either of these versions yet (I still have my old R1 Image [​IMG]), but here are two reviews of the R4, which I believe is the same as the R2:, %20The:%20Special%20Edition
    Neither mentions any grain, perhaps the film was shot that way and the new transfer with its increased resolution exhibits this clearer.
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  3. Julian Lalor

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    The R2/4 version is vastly superior to the Criterion DVD and LD transfer. The MGM DVD is nowhere near as grainy as the Criterion version, although it is not reference quality. Its main problem is the player generated subtitles.

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