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  1. Geordy

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    Apr 21, 1999
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    I don't know if you guys remeber my original post about buying my sister and her fiancee a home theater for their wedding gift but, that is what i am doing.
    they ahave decided on a tube tv, so that they could eventually put it in a bedroom.
    they are looking at 32" and it MUST do the squeeze.
    are the wegas the only ones that do this in tubes?
    also, which of the wegas is the top of the line sans HDTV ready capabilities?
  2. Yohan Pamudji

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    Apr 3, 2001
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    I just got a Sony KV-32FV27, which I believe is the top of the line 32" Sony among non HD-ready sets. The picture is incredible with DVD and digital cable after calibration. Analog cable channels look like sandpaper they're so grainy--not the TV's fault. You're right to insist on anamorphic squeeze. This is one of the best TV features ever. Text in DVD movies are rock solid, horizontal lines no longer flicker, vertical camera pans are much smoother, small details are more noticable, etc.
    AFAIK, Toshiba and Panasonic have models that do the squeeze, but I don't know if they do it automatically. The KV-32FV27 does. I just setup my DVD player to output 16x9 and the TV to auto squeeze. If the signal is anamorphic the TV performs the squeeze. If the signal is not anamorphic the TV displays it normal. No setup adjustments are necessary after that initial setup.
    I got mine at Sears. They pricematched a quote I got from for $985 + tax. Didn't even charge shipping! I highly recommend this TV set, especially for that price.
    This screen has been formatted to fit your movie.
  3. Oren

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    Aug 10, 1999
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    Phillips also does it. The basic WEGAs (FS) turn off the squeeze as soon as you switch to a different input. The Phillips stays squeezed until you unsqueeze it in the menu.
    The better WEGAs (FV) do it automatically.
    To me, the automatic feature is not so important because you would only do it once when you want to watch a DVD. Convenient, but not so important. So, I'm considering the 32FS13, currently $850 at CircuitCity.

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