Sopranos season 2 questions (spoilers)

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    As someone who does have cable, I havent been able to expirence the sopranos the same way. Luckly I've finally finished season 2 and eagrly been waiting for season 3.
    Some final questions

    Did David Castrino (Robert Patrick) pay off his debt to tony?

    How did tony know that pussy was working for the FBI?
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    I was going to type up a bunch of stuff, but it would be better if you just read the episode summaries at They do a great job of explaining everything.
    But the short of it is:
    Tony does a "bust out" on his sports gear store. Basically, Tony makes him order all sorts of things on credit and as soon as the goods enter the store, Tony's men take it out to sell it on the streets themselves. David can't pay the debts and will have to declare bankruptcy and possible go to jail for fraud. Airline tickets are some of the things that are ordered. These are latter found by the Feds after Tony's mom tries to use one. Tony lets David know that he isn't the first guy that has been "busted out".
    Tony finds out its Pussy by finding Pussy's wire. Tony pretty much knew it was him and went over to his house for coffee. While pretending to use the bathroom, Tony searched his room and found it.

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