Sony XBR2 owners** : I have HD Questions

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    Feb 12, 2002
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    Attention Sony 57"or65"XBR2 widescreen RPTV owners:
    I am seriously considering purchasing one of these sets, as they have built-in HDTV tuners (aka built-in All-format ATSC reception decoder). I've been discussing connections with another owner who is not receiving HD signals, and we've come up with the following questions:
    Question #1: Is an HDTV satellite receiver necessary? The salesman at Circuit City stated that I'd have to purchase a more expensive satellite receiver with an external HDTV decoder. A Sony phone rep stated that was untrue and that the CC salesman was trying to sell me something I didn't need; the rep stated that the HD signal would be converted via the internal decoder, and that any basic satellite receiver would work. If you have satellite, which type of receiver are you using and how is the HD reception on it?
    Question #2: On the Sony's rear panel, what type of connection are you using to connect the Satellite receiver?
    Question #3: What devices plug into the HD Component Video Inputs? Progressive Scan DVD???
    Question #4: Are you using upgraded (Monster) cables? If so, is there a noticible difference?
    Thanks, answers to these questions will help me budget for and select the appropriate devices.
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    I dont have one of these sets yet, but I will take a stab at answering them. (Just take everything with a grain of salt)[​IMG]
    1) The Sony rep was talking about using an ordinary sat receiver with SVideo and the TV would line-double/convert the signal to HD.
    But these signals do NOT start out as HD. It's an ordinary feed.
    If you have line-of-sight to a network that broadcasts HD signals, you can put up an antenna and get HD quality input. Without this, your only option is to get a HD sat receiver to receive signals that start out as HD.
    2) HD feeds (from a Progressive DVD player or HD sat box) must use Component (3 rca plugs) wires. Some sets like the new Pioneer Elite units use BNC connectors, but it's still 3 wires.
    3) You got it. Output of a PS DVD player or the output of a HD sat receiver.
    4) Cables:
    This is a big issue for people. Here are some of the facts:
    - Ordinary component video signals top out at about 2 Mhz
    - HD/Progressive video signals top out at about 35 mhz
    - The bulk price on good video coax (that can handle HD/Progressive signals) is about $1.18 /ft. This is the stuff they use in the production studios.
    - The high-end Monster Video 3 cables that can handle HD/Progressive will run you about $280 for 6 feet.
    Ideally, you dont want to use ordinary component video cables. (they WILL work, but may not be optimal).
    Now for the opinion:
    Your best value is to order a set of HD compatible cables from one of the various internet sites. (Be sure to ask for "Canare" plugs.)
    These cables will run you anywhere from $70-$150 depending upon the site & length, but they will equal/out-perform the Monster Video 3 cables.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    1. If any of your local television stations are broadcasting a digital signal all you will need to get HD is a UHF antenna. Some cable companies also carry HD signals for local channels that are broadcasting it, as well as HBO and or Showtime.
    If none of your local broadcast stations are broadcasting a digital signal, you will have to get either an HD-capable DirecTV or Dishnetwork receiver, and plug it into one of the HD-component inputs on the back of your set.
    2. For an HD-capable satellite receiver, or HD-capable cable box, you will have to use one of the 2 component video inputs on the back of the set. Your new set has 2 sets of component video inputs, so you can connect both an HD receiver and a dvd player (either progressive scan or interlaced output).
    Non-HD satellite receivers do not have component video outputs, so they should be connected with an S-video cable.
    HD-capable receivers will upconvert standard tv signals to 1080i and send them to the tv via component video, or they will downconvert HD signals to 480i and send it out via S video or composite. When wathing non-HD channels, you'll probably get a better picture if you switch the box to 480i output, tell it you have a 4/3 tv, and switch the set to the s video input, letting the tv do the line doubling and aspect ratio control.
    I use some high-grade Radio Shack cables, and they work just fine.
  4. Dan Baldwin

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    Jan 10, 2000
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    Well, I have an XBR2 and after commnicating with Jenna (Hi Jenna), decided to upgrade my sat dish to the dual satellite oval dish (for direct tv). Everything about this dish was different and it would not mount on my original mast so I had to do a complete install. After getting no signal whatsover, I called direct tv and was told that I would need a new dual-satellite reciever (grrrrr) to recieve the hd signals.

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