Sony XBR and Panasonic RP91 or RP56

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    I'm a first-time poster here, but I've read a lot of posts over the last several months.

    As a newbie, I'm still putting together my first HT system. See my sig for what I have so far. The next component I'll be getting is a DVD player. I plan on either the Panasonic RP91 or the RP56. I know they have different chip sets, but what useful and good features does the RP91 have that the RP56 does not.

    Am I correct to think that progressive scan is only beneficial in a DVD player if you are watching on an HDTV?

    Hopefully, sometime next year, I'll add a good TV. I'm strongly leaning toward a 36" Sony Wega, probably an XBR. Although I've read lots of posts and reviews about the Sony Wegas its still not clear to me if this is an HDTV or not. Also, do I need to purchase a separate tuner (receiver?) with this set?

    I'd really like a larger set, but I've not really seen any projection TVs that really made me say "wow" when I saw the picture. What I've seen of the Wegas, though, was quite impressive.

    Any help will be received with much gratitude.

    Thank you!

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    Get the 91. All current XBRs are HD, so you WILL benefit from Progressive Scan.

    There is also a line between the XBR and non-XBR WEGAs, called "High Scan" or HS. These are HD also, and are also priced between the XBR and non-XBRs.

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