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  1. Don Harris

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    How normal are those two horizontal lines that go up every few seconds? My model is the kv-36fv26
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    Could you go into a bit more detail about these lines?
    If you have what looks like slightly dark bars, usually 2 at a time, that sorta crawl slowly from the bottom of the screen to the top, and are more noticeable on very dark scenes--it's not the tv but a ground loop or something in your cable system. I think the solution is proper grounding of the cable going into your house.
    If poor grounding of your cable tv line is the problem, it will show up on all other sources as well, because it's caused by a difference in grounding potential between the cable line and your ac power. The outer sheath of your cable tv line grounds to the chassis of your tv, vcr, etc, and the chassis also is ground for your ac current.
    To verify this, disconnect all cable tv cables from all components in your system, including any vcrs that are connected to the tv, even if your vcr to tv connection is via av cables and not RF cables, and feed just a dvd or vcr input (use a prerecorded movie tape if your using the vcr) into the set using av cables, and see if the bars are still there. If they are not there, call your cable company.
    Others around here are more knowledgeable as to the exact cause of this problem, hopefully they'll chime in.
    Steve S.
    I prefer not to push the subwoofers until they're properly run in.
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