Sony vs. Toshiba vs. Panasonic

Discussion in 'Displays' started by B_r_i_a_n_, Aug 1, 2004.

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    My old 27" 4:3 TV is about to die and I'm looking to replace it with something better. I've been researching but I need some help/advice.

    This kind of purchase is frustrating to me because I'm not in a financial position to afford to replace it in a couple of years. However, I don't want to buy a "cheapo" TV because I've already lived with the limitations of one for years.

    Some of the things on my "want list" include:

    - a reliable product with good warrenty (is a 90 day labor warrenty a big gamble?)

    - 1 component input for my DVD player

    - at least 1 s-video input for my Directv receiver

    - at least 1 composite input for my VCR

    - flat screen (are these really that much better? I do see reflections in my current curved screen)

    - 16:9 enhanced mode (for watching widescreen DVDs)

    - good comb filter (for VCR & game system)

    - width less than 29" (which may be impossible to get nowadays)

    - 27" or 32" direct view 4:3 CRT

    Other features like a game saver or closed captioning would be nice. Features like PIP are not needed. Video quality is more more important that sound quality because I can use my stereo receiver for watching movies. The remote is not critical because I'll mostly use a universal programmable remote.

    Do any of you have a product that you recommend? And why?

    To help me with my choice, which is a better choice:

    Sony KV27FS120
    Panasonic CT27SL14
    Toshiba 27AF44

    or for 32":

    Sony KV32FS120
    Panasonic CT32SL14
    Toshiba 32AF44

    Or is there another product that might be better?

    Any thoughts, ideas, or recommendation what you could make would be appreciated?
  2. Bill Will

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    I would also throw in the 27" or 32" JVC AV-xxF475 models. The Panasonic's also don't have the 16:9 DVD Mode. As for Inputs if I not mistaken the only set that has 3 Seperate "Rear" sets of Inputs is the Sony. My choice would be the JVC but only because they can be had for a lot less money than the Sony. Also Panasonic owns JVC & the sets, parts & etc are made in the same plant in Mexico.
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    panasonic jvc and toshiba all have 1 yr warranties on their flat tube sets
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    I just got the Sony KV-32FS120. I like it so far. I exchanged a Panny HD Widescreen CT34WX54 for it. I was so diappointed in every HDTV I tried. Since I will be mainly watching SD. There was no need to spend the extra money on a HDTV that has a horrible SD picture. I just don't want to upgrade my Direct Tivo after only 8 months for another $1000. When things shake out more I will jump into HD. The weird thing is, my eyes hurt while watching SD on a HDTV.

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