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Feb 1, 1999
(I posted this in DT and AVS - might be of interest to someone)
Finally, the W11HT that my friend ordered was delivered this a.m. and we set-up to fire up the unit.
Since this is his first projector, we used a Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LD player as source and just an off-white wall as projection screen. Due to space limitations, we were able to project only about 80-90 inch image (measured diagonally).
We used Video essentials to calibrate but picture was already very good out of the box (contrast at 80, brightness, color/tint/sharpness all at 50). The yellow in the SMPTE color bar look a bit greenish but we were able to fix this later.
Amazingly, we tried the tweaks mentioned in Don Munsil's VPL-W10HT FAQ http://www.nwlink.com/~dmunsil/VW10HTFaq.htm and you can also enter the service mode and factory mode by pushing a series of command in the remote control.
We set the RGB Gain and Bias using the suggestion mentioned in the FAQ and since we just want to remove the greenish tinge - we settled with Bill Cushman's setting
Bill Cushman's W10HT setting
Gain: 255, 136, 159,
Bias:36, 22, 48
After changing the RGB gain/bias in Custom 1 setting, we recalibrated the contrast and brightness and found out that we can increase the brighness setting from 50 to 65 and still pass the APL pluge test (the one with black and white bars and you have to set the contrast and brightness so that the black bar disappears in the background while the white bar is still visible)
The picture looked much better when the RGB gain bias was tweaked than with VE alone. From about 10-12 feet we can not see any screen door effect.
We watched a few movies (Toy Story 2, Chicken Run, The Fifth Element, Get Carter, Dude Where's My Car ) and although overall picture quality still does not compare with a 36 inch Sony Direct View HDTV in terms of black level/contrast , the sheer size and colorful picture this projector puts out more than makes up for it.
I have helped another friend buy a W10HT before but we were not able to tweak it as much as we wanted since he moved to another country. The only projector I can compare this to is a 43 inch Sony LCD RPTV and the W11HT produces an overall better picture with DVD. My friend will be buying a PS DVD soon (I suggested the Panasonic RP91 or Skyworth 1050P) and I'm convinced that the player upgrade will kick the picture quality up a notch. We have HDTV programming locally but most of it is in Japanese so we would not able to take advantage of this W11HT feature. He is also not into HTPC so that is also another feature wasted (manual says it accept 16:9 RGB and has several presets for a lot of computer resolutions)
For the Jpy530,000 cost (US$4300), long lamp life at 4000 hrs (Cinema black on) the W11HT is certainly worth it.
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Apr 6, 1999
Can I ask where your friend purchased the projector for $4300?

Max Leung

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 2000
Sounds like he ordered it direct from Japan (jpy = Japanese Yen, right?).
Black levels and contrast will likely improve with the proper screen (1.0 or less gain I think). A greyhawk screen is what most people recommend.


Second Unit
Mar 26, 2001
I doubt you will get it here in the states for anywhere near that price for at least 6 months...Sony is only selling through CIS dealers, and they will charge list (8k i believe). Hell, even MVS isn't allowed to sell them...


Feb 1, 1999
The item was purchased directly from a store in Nippombashi. Retail was around Yen695,000 but they gave it to him for Yen530,000 since the store pricematches (Nippombashi, Osaka). I heard from someone in AVS that it can be had in Tokyo for a little bit less.
We originally was looking for the W10HT but they no longer have it in stock. In fact they had to order the W11HT unit esp. for my friend since they didn't plan to stock any more unit (didn't even have any item on demo). Luckily, we can't find any dead on/off pixel so overall, my friend was extremely happy.
Although the FPTV picture size was overwhelming and overall picture was very good (except for black level), you really have to see for yourself if you can live/compromise with the picture esp. if you are used to contrast ratio/black level of CRTs (I am personally using a 36 inch direct view Sony HDTV and although size is much smaller, I am still amazed how 3D like tube pictures can be)

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