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Discussion in 'Displays' started by david_rew, Jan 29, 2005.

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    Can anyone help me to clarify if it is possible to (cheaply) connect my sony vph1252qm projector using RGBvh to my Onkyo 602 amp which only has component/svid/composite connections?
    I have a hd stb which i would like to connect through the onkyo but want the best possible quality..
    not sure if svid is lesser quality than RBG comp.. how can i get hd to my projector via my amp??
    please help

    I tried connecting the pj directly to the rgb output of the set top box dgtec dh-2000a rgb out but does not work! the rgb cables are red green blue and yellow (4) and the stb conns are rgbhv.

    I am a beginner so be nice to me!!

    confused of Perth.....
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    RGBhv is a different signal type than component video. You need to use a transcoder to change component video (YPbPr) into RGB.

    I forget what exactly the scan limits are for the 1252, but if you need more info on what you can feed it, see the AVS CRT forum.

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