Sony STR-DH500, Not able to Playback through HDMI Connections, Please help !!!

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    I have a very basic setup as follow:

    1. SAT IN HDMI = Digital Cable Box
    2. DVD IN HDMI = HD DVD Player
    3. DB IN HDMI = Not in used
    4. OUT HDMI = HDTV

    From the receiver I can swith the input selector for the TV or DVD, but THERE IS NO SOUND (THIS IS THE PROBLEM)

    How do I get the sound? I had to connect a FiberOptics cable from my HDTV to the SAT IN Optical so this fixes the TV Audio issue, but still no sound from the the DVD side. So I took the HDMI cable from the DVD IN and connect it directly to the HDTV HDMI Input 2.

    So connecting my HDMI inputs to the HDTV will be the fix because I'm already transmitting sound via the Optic cable so I use the TV for the HDMI selector and not the Receiver.

    I thought that I was going to be able to manage HDMI Playback (Sound/Video) through the receiver as the instructions said, so where is the advanced technology? Luckly my HDTV has several HDMI inputs, but should't this Sony receiver be able to handle my simple connections?

    Does anyone has experience with this and can share a light? Limited Technology or am I doing something wrong???

    I really appreciate the comments. Thanks !
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    See your other post..........
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