Sony STR-DE945 Subwoofer Crossover Frequency

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    Jul 28, 2001
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    Does anyone know what the subwoofer crossover frequency is on a Sony STR-DE945 when the speaker mode is set to "Large"?
    If I set the speakers to "Small" I can control it manually (down to 60Hz) but since my fronts go down below that I leave it as Large.
    The reason I'd like to know it is so that I can match the "Bass Range" setting on my Athena subwoofer to the crossover setting on the Receiver (right now I have it set to 80Hz)
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    May 22, 2000
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    Perhaps I'm goofy, but if I remember correctly, ALL the Sony DE series receivers have a FIXED LFE crossover of 120hz, regardless of what size you have the rest of your speakers set at.
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    Rob, I have the STR-DE845, and can tell you that the sub crossover frequency is adjustable at 60,90,120,150Hz settings. You can also have different crossover settings for front, center and rear channels. Since LFE information being fed to your sub is up to 120HZ, you probably should be setting your subs crossover to it's highest, IF you are using the sub out jack from your receiver to your sub. If you are using the Speaker level inputs, that is, your sub is wired in first, then you connect your front speakers to the sub, then set the crossover where you want. In this case, leave the front set as Large, with Subwoofer set to NO. If you have a center channel and rear channel speakers that can't handle the lower frequencies, set them to SMALL, and choose the crossover frequency to the next highest frequency above the speaker's rated -3db low frequency is.
    I hope this helps...
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