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Sony STR-DE885 component bandwidth #'s, any other silver units? (1 Viewer)


Apr 17, 2003
First dont laugh.

I have read on here how this receiver is not up to the standard of other recievers in the price range. So I went after the Yamaha 5550 for $199 at Frys but sold out fast. Then I went after a refurbished Onkyo SR600 for $320 shipped but it went out of stock before I took the plunge.

All this was for nothing because the GF wants a silver one to match the Wega we have. So I have decided to get the Sony 885 that no one likes. It will look good, and ease the remote control problem even if it doesn't sound great.... (sad)

I want the ability to use the component switching for my DVD player and XBox, but I cant find the bandwidth on this unit. crutchfield.com says:

Component Video Bandwidth N/A

At sonystyle.com I couldn't find anything, or anywhere on google, or in this forum for that matter.

So does anyone know the bandwidth, I know I want over 30MHz in case we go HDTV with it.


Also please talk me out of getting this receiver if needed ;) . Sorry I had to login as a newbie because I cant get in with my old account.

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
I have no idea on Sony's bandwidth but you might want to take a look at the Panasonic 100 which also comes in silver & can be had for under $250 & it adds DTS ES over the Sony. If I remember right, there was some discussion over at the AVS Forum on the Panasonic's bandwidth & they were saying that it had no video loss when routing HDTV signals through it. Try a search on it over there. Also try sending Critchfield an email asking what the bandwidth is because they carry the Sony & the Panasonic receivers & they usually get back pretty quick with the answers. They can get the info a lot quicker for you than if you tried calling Sony or Panasonic yourself. Also try a search for the Panasonic on this board it has a lot of positive reviews & Sound & Vision Mag. also had nothing but good this to say about it & as far as I'm concerned it's a lot better than any of the Sony DE models. Hope this helps you out. ;)

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