Sony STR-DE485E on its way out.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Inane Drivel, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Ex left me with 5.1 set up.. 'not womens stuff':f so didnt let me watch the setup.:(
    Had to do DIY and had to move set up.. now only getting 2.1 on audio playback, also sound is really 'tinny' now.
    Think Amp is on way out.
    Been looking for replacement but its a mine field for the 'uneducated':blush: so would like some 'layman' advice.
    Was looking at STR-DH510 but not sure speaker connection is compatible.. Does anyone know if i can change to this amp?:rolleyes:
    Concerned about bare wire connection, over jack plug. Probably asking a really dumb question but can you change bare wire to jack?
    Have HDMI tv and HD hardrive DVD/freeview box and want to get optimum sound back again.. i miss my music so much :(
    Cant hook up HDMI to this amp everything going through scart.
    Will be so grateful if someone can answer all of the above and give some advice.:P
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    Rensselaer, NY

    Welcome to the HTF! [​IMG]

    You'll find all kinds of helpful info here. And I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you out. Enjoy your stay!
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    The STR-DH510 is a standard receiver, so it should handle your current speakers unless they are proprietary or 4 ohm. You'd have to let us know the specific speaker model. Sony receivers are not overly recommended, but they aren't bad either,
    It may sound tinny if it wasn't configured correctly. Did you use a auto setup feature of the receiver (say for instance Audyssey, which is popular)? If not, the sub might not be kicking in properly. Again, let us know your current set-up.
    As for bare wire, it's actually the best connection, with less chance of failure. Connector are useful if you frequently swap out speakers, move things around, or have a difficult or blind reach to a component. Otherwise, just attaching the bare wire is the most sturdy because it reduces the number of connections that can fail. Just make certain no strands of wire from different jacks touch each other, or the receiver may shut down.

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