Sony SCD-C222ES SACD Changer

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    I'm selling my Sony SCD-C222ES SACD Changer after only 3 months of light use. I've decided to get the Pioneer Elite 47Ai combo player.

    The Sony is in perfect / new condition and is very easy to set up & use. I have all the original stuff: manual, remote, packing materials & box.

    Selling for $325 delivered via UPS Ground.

    Also, I've got 2 Radio Shack AV Switch boxes & 4 sets of 3 feet gold series stereo cables (12 cables in all). The cables and switch boxes are used to connect a dvd-audio player plus the sacd changer to a single ext-input on a receiver. I paid $80.41 total & will sell for $50.00 delivered.

    Email w/ questions.

    I have over 300+ positive ratings w/ no neutral or negative on ebay under the user name gjthomas1. I also have 10+ positive trades here on the forum.

    I accept Paypal or money orders & will ship promptly.
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