Sony SCD 775 5 Disk SACD Player

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    Originally retailing for $399 when first released, Selling for $199 including shipping! Unit is about 7 months old in excellent condition and has performed flawlessly. I cut off the crappy molded plug and replaced it with the P&S 5266X, the same plug Crump uses on his PCs. Please email me at [email protected] if iterested

    The SCD-CE775 is your affordable entry into a whole new world of audiophile entertainment! Multichannel SACD playback places you in the middle of a spacious, six-channel soundscape, rendered with stunning clarity and frequency response all the way up to 50,000 Hz! And multichannel bass management lets you tailor the SACD output to best match your speakers.

    The SCD-CE775 also offers impressive versatility, playing multichannel or stereo SACDs, standard CDs, audio CD-Rs, and audio CD-RWs — in any combination you load it up with. This changer automatically displays the titles of SACD Text- and CD Text-encoded discs, plus Custom File memory lets you enter titles for up to 255 other discs. Other conveniences include a handy remote control and a headphone jack with volume control.

    Read review from

    Read reviews from - Rated 4.55/5 !!!

    This is a very popular model among audiophiles for mods. Go to to see the mods available for this player.

    Review from Audioasylum

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    This unit can play the following discs:

    2-channel Super Audio CDs
    Multi-channel Super Audio CDs
    2-channel + Multi-channel Super Audio CDs (SACDs with 2-channel and multi-channel tracks)
    Conventional Audio CDs
    Audio CD-Rs
    Audio CD-RWs
    SACDs are available in the following configurations:

    Single layer Super Audio CDs: These can hold up to 74 minutes of music and are playable ONLY on an SACD compatible unit such as this.
    Dual layer Super Audio CDs: These discs hold dual layers of high density information for longer playing times (one side only, so the disc does not have to be turned). These discs are playable ONLY on an SACD compatible unit such as this.
    Hybrid Super Audio CDs: These discs have a high density SACD layer and a CD layer, allowing them to be played either on an SACD compatible unit OR on a regular CD player which can read the CD layer.

    Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Decoding: This unit is equipped with a DSD decoder to enable SACD playback. Unlike PCM based technology (CD/MiniDisc/DVD/Audio DVD, etc.), Super Audio CD is based on DSD encoding which does not require decimation and interpolation filters. DSD is much simpler and enables a 1-bit signal to be recorded directly. DSD encodes music at 2,822,400 samples per second allowing you to hear sound with incredible ease and clarity. DSD combines the advantages of digital recording with the best characteristics of analog sound.

    SACD and CD Text Compatible: This unit has a display which will display the disc name, artist name, and current track name (15 characters will appear at once, after which the display will scroll) with compatible CDs with CD Text and SACDs (most of which will have text).

    SACD/CD Switching: An SACD/CD switch on both the remote and the unit allows you to select the CD layer.

    Display: You can switch the display so that CD text information is not displayed, turn the display off completely, or leave it in standard mode which displays disc time and track information, text (if available) and the format being played.

    Program Play: Up to 32 tracks can be programmed and played in any order.

    Shuffle Play: This unit can play the tracks on a single disc or all the tracks on all loaded discs in random order.

    Repeat Play: This unit can repeat all the tracks on all loaded discs, all the tracks on the current disc, Shuffle play, and Program play.

    Disc Name: Up to 255 discs can be labeled with names of up to 14 characters. If the disc is encoded with SACD Text or CD Text, it cannot be labeled.

    Disc Exchange: You can exchange up to 4 discs while playing a fifth (must use disc skip after each one).

    Remote Control

    RM-SC500 Remote: The remote is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other Sony CD players. The remote's codes correspond to Sony CD Player codes, so many of its functions can be operated with a normal Sony receiver or preamp remote control. CD1 and CD2 modes can be selected from the remote to allow you to use this unit in a system which already contains a Sony CD player.

    Inputs and Outputs

    Front Panel:

    Phones: Standard gold-plated headphone output
    Rear Panel:

    2-Channel Analog Output: Left and right RCA jacks. Note: This output or the 5.1 channel analog outputs must be connected to a receiver or other system amplification, because SACD signals are not output by the digital output.
    Analog 5.1-Channel Outputs: RCA jacks for the front right, front left, center, surround right, surround left and subwoofer channels.
    Digital Outputs: One Toslink digital output with a plastic cover. Note: While conventional CD and SACD audio is available from the analog outputs, the digital output only passes 16 bit digital signals from conventional CDs and the CD layer of Hybrid SACD discs. Because of copy protection issues, SACD signals are not passed by the digital output.
    Control A1II: Two Control A1II jacks (min-jack)

    When a Super Audio CD is Played:

    Playing Frequency Range: 2 Hz to 100 kHz
    Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 50 kHz (-3dB)
    Dynamic Range: 103 dB or more
    Total Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.0020% or less
    When a CD is Played:

    Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 20 kHz
    Dynamic Range: 98 dB or more
    Total Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.0025% or les
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    Price lowered to $189 including shipping!![​IMG]
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    SOLD, Thank you for all the emails!

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