Sony rear projection TVs - WV700, WV600, WS500? Major differences?

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    I am trying to figure out the main differences between some of the Sony rear projection TVs that I see around here.

    What I see out there is the following:


    From what I can see, the WV700 & WV600 are pretty much the same. One difference that I saw was that the 700 has some kind of dual layer anti-glare treatment where the 600 only has a single layer. Is there any other difference though?

    What about the WS500? I have seen this TV, and it looks pretty nice! From what I can tell it doesn’t have that anti-glare layer thing that the other two have. Also, it looks like this TV can’t accept a 720p signal where the other two can. Is there any other major difference that I am missing? This one has a nice price, but the 720p capability (or lack of) might be a factor. I don’t care anything about the memory card slot that the 600 & 700 TVs have – I have an Olympus camera :> So, is that the major difference with the WS500 – just the lack of 720p support?

    Basically, do these TVs share the same lenses? Is the picture quality about the same on all 3? Is there any other difference that I didn’t cover?
  2. Dwight Amato

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    Anyone ever have an update on this question? I have a buddy asking the same thing...
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    The WS500 is essentially the same as last year's HW40 with DVI added and without the anti-glare coating on the screen that the HW40s had. It will accept 720p but downconverts it to 480p.
    This is academic unless you're using an XBox's 720p feature, as all stbs will convert 720p to 1080i and very nicely at that.

    The WV600 and 700 are different, how different I don't know, but the service menu is different from the WS500/HW40. I think the screen on the 700 is supposed to allow better off-center brightness than that of the 600.

    I used to think the number of lenses was important, but my 4 lens KP57HW40 has a better picture than the 6 lens Hitachi I had, so maybe it's quality and not quantity.

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