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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Patrick CF, Jan 8, 2004.

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    I have always found Sony CRT's to be noticably superior to most other brands. Now I am considering getting a Plasma TV because of serious space considerations in a condo. How are the Sony Plasma TV's compared to the competition? I've noticed that many people here have high praise for Panasonic Plasmas, and some Pioneer Elite models.

    At the local Sony store, I find the Sony Plasma TV's to be noticably "brighter" than any CRT. They certainly have a certain "wow" factor, especially when displaying images from DVD or HDTV.

    It's hard to compare plasma TV's from different brands because there aren't many places that sell different brands side by side.

    What do you guys think of the Sony Plasma TVs? Specically, I am interested in the KE42XS910.
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    The general consensus is that Sony plasmas are not as good as Panasonic, Pioneer, Fujitsu - and they cost more. If you're looking for info on plasmas, check out AVSforum's plasma & LCD forum.

    There is definitely a bias for Pannys because of their superior (almost-CRT) black levels and excellent pricing. Plus, the Panny ED plasma can be found as cheap as $2900 shipped.
    Pioneer's 43" and 50" are also popular. Fujitsus are supposed to be the best, but I've never even seen one (they are very pricey).

    A couple of Akais (Samsung clones) and Samsungs are supposed to be decent for the price as well.

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