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SONY PICTURES PRESS RELEASE: Two "Trading Spaces" Collections

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Aaron Silverman, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Two New DVDs From the Popular Hit TV Series that Made Decorating A Team Sport



    Collections Arrive April 26 from Discovery Global Licensing
    And Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

    On April 26, TLC’s Trading Spaces -- the one-of-a-kind hit decorating sensation that has created a new breed of nationwide television fanatics -- will be available on DVD with two new collections for the home decorator in all of us. Trading Spaces: Creative Home Décor with Designer Doug Wilson and Trading Spaces: Great Kitchen Designs and More!, will each feature five episodes from the series, providing lots of how-to tips designed for inspiration as well as entertainment. Both titles will be available for $14.94 SLP from Discovery Global Licensing and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

    Trading Spaces gives neighbors the opportunity to have a room redesigned in their homes. Armed with a budget and the services of a professional designer and carpenter at their disposal, the teams have 48 hours to redo a room of their choice. But there’s a catch – the neighbors have to switch houses and redo each other’s rooms. They have no say in how the room in their own home is decorated. Not only do viewers get to watch the neighbors’ reactions, they gain home decorating tips along the way.

    Following its September 2000 debut, Trading Spaces quickly became a nationwide phenomenon. Audiences spanning all demographics became wildly addicted to the show, which has been nominated for two Emmy Awards® including Outstanding Non-Fiction Program and Outstanding Special Class Program. The show’s creativity combined with an energetic and enthusiastic cast have helped make Trading Spaces a hit series for TLC.

    Trading Spaces: Creative Home Décor with Designer Doug Wilson – Doug Wilson is Trading Spaces' quintessential showman. Armed with expertise gleaned from years of working with such luminary clients as Barbara Walters and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Doug's design choices purposefully push the edge of creativity. Now watch Doug work his magic in this five episode compilation. See how he turns bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms into havens of creative design.

    Trading Spaces: Creative Home Décor with Designer Doug Wilson Episodes Include:

    Scott Air Force Base: Ash Creek
    Scott Air Force Base is the site of the latest designer challenge as Doug Wilson redesigns a toddler bedroom. While Kia Steave-Dickerson designs a family room/dining room. Carpenter Ty Pennington is on hand to assist.
    Designers: Doug Wilson and Kia Steave-Dickerson
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    New York: Whitlock Road
    Genevieve Gorder's team fights her every decision - from paint to pillows - while Doug Wilson fights his own battles on bed placement in the master bedroom. Doug can usually hold his own but, this time, both members of his team are lawyers.
    Designers: Doug Wilson and Genevieve Gorder
    Carpenter: Amy Wynn Pastor

    Columbus: Camden Road
    These homeowners are hoping for a new look to their living room and master bedroom. Up for the challenge are designers Vern Yip and Doug Wilson. But this time the women are the power tool experts, the men sew and iron, and one of the boys gets choked up.
    Designers: Doug Wilson and Vern Yip
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    New Orleans: Melrose Drive
    In New Orleans, the designers invoke the Mardi Gras spirit for inspiration. Designer Edward Walker designs a master bedroom with Bourbon Street flair, and Doug Wilson recreates a French bistro in a kitchen.
    Designers: Doug Wilson and Edward Walker
    Carpenter: Amy Wynn Pastor

    Tampa: Amelia Avenue
    Designers Doug Wilson and Hildi SantoTomas strap on tool belts and head into carpentry world. Along with designing, sewing and painting, they're sawing, nailing and building. Doug tackles an entertainment unit and Hildi buildsout a fake fireplace.
    Designers: Doug Wilson and Hildi Santo-Tomas
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    Trading Spaces: Great Kitchen Designs and More! – This DVD tackles the challenge of the kitchen - the most central room in the home, but often the most cluttered, outdated or difficult to redesign. Get great kitchen decorating and design tips and enjoy the fun of Trading Spaces with designers Doug Wilson, Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and others, along with carpenters Ty Pennington, Amy Wynn Pastor and Carter Oosterhouse.

    Trading Spaces: Great Kitchen Designs and More! Episodes Include:

    Chicago: Fairview Avenue
    Serious help is needed to transform a moldy Chicago bargain basement into a warm and cozy hunting lodge. A cluttered linoleum kitchen becomes a bright and sunny space for the millennium with countertop replacements.
    Designers: Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    Massachusetts: Indian Ridge Road
    It's all about doing a lot with a little and Frank and Christi are up to the challenge. One of the teams wants to unify a large master bedroom that starts off looking like two or three separate spaces. Meanwhile, Christi tackles a kitchen. .
    Designers: Frank Bielec, Christi Proctor
    Carpenters: Amy Wynn Pastor

    Austin: Wyoming Valley Drive
    Everyone develops an appetite for great design as designer Hildi Santos-Tomas tackles a kitchen and Laurie Smith redesigns a dining room in Austin Texas. Carpenter Ty Pennington weighs in on both projects.
    Designers: Hildi Santo-Tomas, Laurie Smith
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    Miramar: Avenue 164
    Doug Wilson's redoing a kitchen and needs to paint 40 cabinets three different colors. Across the street, Frank Bielec paints the walls of a huge master bedroom in several coats of fire-engine red.
    Designers: Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec
    Carpenter: Ty Pennington

    New York: Taft Avenue
    In Niagara Falls, prepare for one of the most bizarre reveals in the show's history. Barry's challenge is to redesign an old country kitchen into a more modern space while Edward tries to turn a cluttered bedroom into a tropical sleeping paradise.
    Designers: Barry Wood, Edward Walker
    Carpenter: Carter Oosterhouse

    DVD Specs

    Trading Spaces: Creative Home Décor with Designer Doug Wilson
    Not Rated
    Color/Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 220 minutes
    SLP: $14.94

    Trading Spaces: Great Kitchen Designs and More!
    Not Rated
    Color/Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 220 minutes
    SLP: $14.94
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