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Sony KV27FS13 (1 Viewer)

Steve Lockwood

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 3, 1999
Well my old t.v. in the bedroom died. I was thinking about getting the sony KV27FS13. Does anyone own this unit or have any comments? Thank you for your time and help.

Chuck C

Senior HTF Member
Jan 6, 2001
If you are a connoisseur of DVDs, the 16:9 enhanced mode featured on Wegas is a must have option for any movie lover.
Other Pluses:
-easy to use
-nice design and flat screen
-easy menu
-easy remote

Clint B

Second Unit
Jul 14, 2001
I've got this TV, and I second everything that Chuck said. The 16:9 enhanced mode is great for anamorphic DVD's. I've heard some people mention geometry problems with this set, but I don't see any (however, I'm not that experienced with these things compared to most of the people on this board). While I'm very happy with my purchase, this TV isn't cheap (I got mine for about $570; I think the prices have only dropped about $20 or so since I got mine last July at Best Buy). However, I think that Sony builds quality products overall, and I know that if there's a problem they will take care of it. One last word of advice: get the extended warranty. I haven't had to use mine at all, but for a fairly major purchase like this, it's wise to have all the protection you can have.

Robert Mayrand

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 4, 2001
Chuck is right, the enhance mode of the sony Wega is, to my taste, it's biggest selling advantage.......altough many sellers don't even know what it actually do. If you are on a budget and want an easy access squeeze mode don't forget to look at the samsung.


Rob Peloski

Jul 28, 2001
I had the KV27FS12 (basically identical to the FS13 only they moved the plugs on the back around a bit). I loved it. As was said, the flat screen and 16x9 enhanced modes on the TV are among the best features. No geometry problems here.

My only dislike with the TV was the lack of a "wide" button to switch between standard and 16x9 enhanced modes. You have to go into the menu each time to change it (I programmed a macro into my Sony AV2100 remote to do this...worked great except for if you didn't point the remote right and it missed a step). I believe the FV models have this button but they also are more expensive.

Wes Nance

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 1, 2002
The 27" Samsung flatscreen has the 16:9 picture mode on the remote, and goes for $450.

At Sam's Club, the Akai 27" flat screen is a clone of the above Samsung, and goes for $350 (That's right!) It's got to be the cheapest 27" flatscreen that does anamorphic squeeze.

I have the KV27FS12, basically the same set as the -13, and have been happy. It does have some geometry problems- some wavyness on stock ticker lines, some convergence problems in upper left corner. Honestly, I never notice it when I'm watching a movie, just during calibration with Avia.

Everyone who's ever seen an anamorphic DVD on this TV has been totally blown away (None of them have good TV's, though, either. . .) I bought the extended warranty from Best Buy, 4 years, so I plan to have them out sometime (I've had the TV for a year) and make them fix the geometry, which they won't be able to do, so I'll get a new one, or credit towards a new TV.

That said, if I was buying one today, I might try that Akai for $350 and see if I liked it. The Sony is $200 more, which is a big margin at this price point.

I paid $480 for mine, as it was refurbished at Best Buy, but had a full warranty. That's an option also, to save some $$ if you hit it right. . .

Hope that helps, holler if you need more information. . .


Greg Rowe

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 29, 2001
Real Name
I bought a 27fs13 in january. I paid 500$ for it. Most places sell it for 550$.
I have been VERY happy with this TV. The 16x9 is something I can't do with out anymore.
Mine has good geometry, minor convergance problems, and the picture is shifted slightly to the left (not noticable really).
You can get into the service menu and adjust some settings. I haven't tried it yet but this link will show you how:

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