Sony KV-32HV600 Color Decoder Questions

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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a Sony 32HV600 (same basic chassis as 32HS500, 34XBR800, 36HS500, 36XBR800, and 40XBR800), and am quite pleased with it so far. However, out of the box the color decoder was really out of whack. For a given blue level, red was pushing about +25% and green was at about -20%. Obviously not too great.

    With the help of the sevice manual I came across some color decoder adjustments: RYR, RYB, GYR, and GYB. RYR and GYR have the more significant effect on the respective red and green levels, while RYB and GYB seem to have a very minor effect. I was hoping someone could explain what these four controls are actually doing (the new service manuals offer no explanation of any of the setting names), and if there is a proper method of utilizing these settings (especially the RYB and GYB which I'm not really sure of their intent).

    I am also looking for some insight into the BLK settings (DCTR, APED, and DSBO) if anyone has any.

    Thank You!
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    The parameters RYR and RYB are the same that are comonly named as color and tint....or... saturation and hue

    the procedure is simple to adjust the decoder :
    first match the grey using color function and while looking trought the blue filter... after that match magenta and cyan while using tint control.... (it is simple to use the blue flashing bars in AVIA)
    Since saturation and hue levels interact, you may have to adjust the saturation again.

    do the same for the red and the green color.
    RYR : red saturation
    RYB : red hue
    .... etc... for green

    on some TVs, those two parameter are named Gain and Angle...


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