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Sony KV-30HS420 or Toshiba 30HF84? (1 Viewer)

Tuan Vo

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Jun 6, 2004
As the title says, I'm trying to look at these two contenders to exchange at Best Buy for my Toshiba 46H84.

I know most people wouldn't downsize their TV from 46" in less than two weeks from upgrading from 30" but I decided that I should. Now I know that RPTV quality is very good but from my viewpoint, it just seems to inconvenient for me to move in the future and my current setup leaves only 3 of the 7 seating positions in good view of the 46" screen. I only bought the thing because it was on sale the week of thanksgiving and I thought it was a pretty good deal. I wanted to give the 46" to my parents but they don't want to go through the hassle of transporting it from Austin to Houston and they said they're fine with the KV-30HS420 I gave them.

Now I've had the Sony KV-30HS420 and it has superb picture quality. More so that I decided to rule out buying the Samsung TX-P3071WH, which has a built-in HD tuner which I'd like to have but I don't think Samsung that great of picture quality. Now the only thing keeping me from buying the Sony hands down is the fact that it is 188 lbs. It does scare me that I've read a few posts from AVS about the Toshiba 30HF84, which makes me hesitant to buy it over the Sony KV-30HS420.

Well the main question is, will the Toshiba be just as good in picture quality as the Sony? My current setup includes...a Panasonic XP-30 DVD player, Scientific-Atlanta 3250HD Cable box with DVI-HDMI cable, xbox with HD pack, gamecube with component, ps2 with component, and possibly an LG LST-3510 DVD / HD Tuner. That about sums up the progressive - HD sources I'll be running. If anyone has any sort of input they can give me on this or any suggestions...please do...this will be my 4th TV change I've had in the last 9 months...I would like to make this one a permanent one.


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Sep 28, 2003
the toshiba should be as good or better,and has a little better service history than the sony


Jan 11, 2001
I can't speak for the Toshiba, but I was able to compare that exact same unit to the Panasonic CRT 30" 16x9 TV (forget the model number), and the Sony won hands down. I did a quick calibration of both sets side by side using just the basic menu controls and the Sony was still better.

I personally like Sony's because their service menus are pretty elaborate and you can correct most problems that may come up in there...but not all.

I also dont have any first hand experience with either of those models, so I will shut up now... :D

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