Sony KP-57WS500 Display Question

Scott Stolpa

Apr 16, 2003
I am trying to optimize my new Sony 57" KP-57WS500. I have gone through a lot of the steps about using the service menu to tweak the system. My problem is, even though it is much better now, I still find the picture a little bit grainy. I thought that the picture through S-video onto a 27" Sony Trinitron was better than this one using a progressive signal. My question is whether or not my TV just needs more tweaking, or is this the best picture I am going to get. I don't know if it is just because it's a big screen and if you look close you can notice anything easier. Any help would be great.



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Jul 10, 2002
I have the same TV and it looks great to me. I do have a couple of comments that may help you.

You compare the picture to a 27" TV with a signal coming over an s-video connetion. A 27" TV is tiny compared to the 57", and it probably didn't show all of the flaws in the video. It's easier to see flaws on a huge TV. When I first got mine, I was suprised to see how bad the cable looked blown up onb a 57" screen. I never noticed all of the grain and blur on my 32" direct view.

If you are seeing a grainy or poor quality picture running true progressive scan (prog-scan DVD player running over component video cables, there is either a problem with the source material or a problem with the setup of the TV.

Try watching Star Wars Episode II. If it looks bad, there's a problem somewhere.

I hope this helps.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
Some or all of this "grain" was probaly there on the source material (film grain on movies like The Godfather) all the time, you just now have a set with enough resolution to display it.

Star Wars II is pretty much grain free, as are most of the Pixar movies. Fast and the Furious is also very low on film grain.

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