Sony KP-57HW400 vs. 600

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    Having done a few searches of the forum, the Sony HDTVs seem to have a good reputation for performance for the price. I am currently using a Sony KV-36XBR350 (if memory serves) with a DVP-7700. As I look to move into a larger television my sole concern is DVD and HD performance as standard broadcast and cable television are secondary. My question is whether the cost difference between these two models justifies the extra expense....any input (even other HDTV options) is appreciated.
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    There is no Sony KP57HW400. There was a KP57HW40, it's last year's model. I own one and love it. The current version is the WS500, which lacks the antireflective screen coating of the HW40, but does have DVI connections.

    The WV600 is an all new model, with DVI ports and a new chassis as well.

    If you can find a leftover new HW40 at a really good price, and don't mind not having DVI, I'd take it over the WS500.

    The HW and WS models don't have a manual convergence adjustment in the user menu, the WV600 does. The HW and WS will convert incoming 720p to 480p, the WV converts it to 1080i. This is largely a non-issue since most all HD stbs convert 720p to 1080i and it looks just as good as native 1080i.

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