Sony KDP-65XBR2 - watching non-progressive dvd: Question

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by John Edwards, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. John Edwards

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    Jan 12, 1999
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    Does anyone know if this set has the 'issue' of locking into full mode when watching a non-anamorphic dvd, like the Pioneer x10 series, or does it allow you to switch screen modes?
    I am thinking of getting this TV, and would like to know if I'll need to go with the Panasonic RP91, which can do the scaling, or if any progressive-scan player will do....
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    The new Sonys do not lock into full mode when fed a 480p signal. They do lock into full when fed 1080i, however.
    That being said, a player with the scaling feature would still be a good idea, as it's likely to look better than the set's zoom mode when playing non-anamorphic dvds.
    I have a new Sony HW-40 widescreen set and a JVC player with the scaling feature. The player's scaling feature does look smoother than the set's zoom. This was also true when using the player with an Hitachi 53UWX10B widescreen set, though the Sony's zoom is better than Hitachi's.
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