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Sony KDF-60WF655 versus Toshiba 62HM84 (1 Viewer)

Nov 1, 2000

I'm about to buy a new set, and am trying to decide between these two. I realize that the Sony is an LCD set, and the Toshiba is a DLP. I've looked at them both in the stores, and think they both look wonderful, and as for the difference in technologies, I like them both and think i'll be happy with either one, though overall, I probably prefer the LCD a little more.

I've found a source for the Toshiba where I can buy it for about $2,900 out the door, and the Sony can be had for about $3,500. The extra $600 for the Sony will buy me an integrated HD tuner and the capability to use a cable card/tuner. The Toshiba won't allow either of these options, though i'm not sure how valuable they are to me at this time.

I'm wondering what anyone's thoughts are on this dilemma, and if you have any ideas about which set may be a better choice based on the info.


Geo. Reed

Apr 21, 1999
The significant other gave the green light to upgrade our 35" direct view this weekend. It was all triggered by the failure of our 14 year old bedroom 27" Mits. 35" to playroom and Toshiba 27" to bedroom. This opened the door for a 60ish" set for the family room. Enough about that.

After "studying" for the last few years, I made my first trip to Crutchfield (they have a retail store at HQ) for some serious viewing with intent to buy.

I was able to compare a Sony KDF-55WF655, Toshiba 52HM84 and JVC HD-52Z575 side by side off the same source. Obviously these are all the size down from their 60" counterpart. There was also a Samsung and Panasonic in the store, but not in good viewing locations.

The blacks on the Toshiba were way green when compared to the Sony and JVC. Could this be calibrated out? I don't know, but it was obvious and objectionable.

Plain and simple- the upconversion on the JVC was terrible on standard definition. This would only be more apparent on at 61". I looked at several sources and the Toshiba and Sony were much better. I was bummed because I was really psyched about the JVC. Our TV is on all the time and for a while, much of what we watch will still be SD.

The upconversion on the Sony was head and shoulders above either set. Everything I read knocks LCD, but I really prefered the picture on the Sony. I also thought the "window screen" was much less noticable on this set over previous Sony LCD sets.

The Sony 60XS955 is coming out at the end of the month. It has some interesting features for the videophile. It is on Crutchfield or Sony's web site. I am going to hold off making a purchase until I can see this set also. I also want to take another look at the Samsungs and Panasonic.

I am really interested in other people's opinion of these sets. I am definitely going with a non-CRT, DLP, LCD or LCOS set.

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