Sony HT-DDW5500 Amp Unit not working correctly

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    HiI noticed last night that my base and illumination was not working on my Home TheatreThe amp control unit whose illumination normally pulses with every bit of base was not functioning. I ensured that the illuminate button was switched on. The light itself does work as if I turn the system on and off the light illuminates for a brief second like it should do on startupAt the same time while there is some bass it is nowhere near as loud as it should be and the bass volume control on the amp does not appear to make any difference, softer or louderUpon closer examination I noticed that the wires to one of the amps was disconnected and reconnected this but this did not fix my problems with the amp control unitI double checked the wires and connections at the back of the receiver as well as the amp control unit. Whenever I would unplug and plug back in I would get a "PROTECT SUBWOOFER" message and the system would shut downThe User manual suggests when getting this message to ensure all wires are not damaged and correctly connected which I did but still the problem persistsI have contacted Sony Support and am awaiting a replyHas anybody else experienced a similar problemThanks
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    I don't know if we ever got that in the states.

    Hopefully the .2 amp hasn't died.

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