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Sony HD LCD Home Theater Movie Projector HDMI Blu Ray Ready 10,000:1 (1 Viewer)


Mar 18, 2014
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Original price $3499, I am selling a new mint condition Sony Vpl- Hs51a HD Home Theater movie projector. This is the ULTIMATE lcd/led/plasma/giant chunk of junk TV replacement!! Watch some movies like you are supposed to in REAL Cinematic High Definition!! Comes from a smoke-free home. Any TV over 60 inches is going to cost you over $600 or more and is NEVER going to be portable. You can put this projector anywhere, it has a short throw and a zoom lens so it is not hard to get the big picture. Comes with a very cool light up remote control ( remote cost $75 alone !) Please pay attention to detail anyone out there that does not know about buying projectors, many of the new models are made very cheap and will not last long. This Sony features 10,000 :1 Contrast Ratio 1.55x Zoom over 3000 Hours, HDMI, deep rich colors, Excellent black levels! For the first time in your life get a picture that you can change from 30 to over 300 inches , night or daytime ultra bright and super clear anywhere. Sony is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to home theater. Most other brands are complete garbage and are not worth very much. This has less than 2 hours on a new OEM Sony lamp! The bulb has only been replaced once, I am the orignal owner, this projector is ready to go for years! The lamp cost $300 alone . This is a real home theater movie projector, most of the new projectors are very cheap and not bright at all, hence this cost $3499 from the factory !!! Text or call me at 540 683 9078. I have plenty of pics available . Asking $275


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