Sony Grand Wega at The Sony Store in Eaton Centre in Toronto

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    On Monday, as I walked through Eaton Centre on my way to the GO station, I decided to pay a visit to The Sony Store, like I usually do.

    I made my way to the back of the store where the RPTVs are displayed, and I saw a couple of guys hooking up a receiver to a mass of cabling. Floor standing speakers were sitting out of their usual spots, and a few other things were strewn about. I then noticed a new t.v. in the centre display where the 65" widescreen RPTV once was. As I was looking at the television, I noticed that it looked different; it wasn't like Sony's other widescreen RPTV's. After a couple of more mintutes of staring, I realized that I was looking at the Sony Grand Wega. Holy shit!!!!

    It wasn't on, but I was hoping they would finish with their hook up before I had to run to catch my train. Anyway, a few more minutes passed by, and they finally finished what they were doing. Yes!

    One of the dudes proceeded to turn the t.v. on. The Grand Wega and two other widescreen RPTV's were on, all showing the same DVD. Even though the Grand Wega wasn't tuned (I'm sure the other ones were not either), I could tell right away that the picture quality was much better. The colours were a lot richer and brighter, and the image was clearer in general. I was really, really impressed.

    The installer started to play around with the menu settings, and there quite a few options. I don't remember everything now though. After the installer finished playing with it, the first thing one of the salesman did was jack up the brightness to torch mode. Great...

    Overall the Grand Wega is a beautiful t.v. I was blown away by the picture (I wonder how it would compare to a Pioneer Elite or a Hitachi Ultravision). Man, I wish I had $12,000!!!!.

    If anyone else goes to the Eaton Centre in Toronto, make sure you check out The Sony Store!!!
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    May 20, 2000
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    Thanks for the info. I have been looking for one to see

    across Oklahoma and Lousiana and have not found one yet. Let us know if you have any more info.

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