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Sony EP9ES decoder replacement? (1 Viewer)

John Miles

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Jan 16, 2000
My old EP9ES AC-3 decoder has been acting flaky lately, and I'm looking at replacing it with something newer. Here's my list of desired features:
- A standalone AC3 decoder/preamp with discrete 5.1 outputs to my existing power amp
- Excellent audio quality (low noise floor)
- Speaker configurability (small center, large mains, small surrounds)
- Analog bypass mode (analog 5.1 in to analog 5.1 out)
- Price ideally under $500
Here are things I don't care about and don't especially want to pay for:
- Lots of DSP simulated surround modes and other bells and whistles
- Anything beyond 5.1 channel output (just plain DD, thanks)
The EP9ES was a good match for my needs because it didn't do anything but what I needed. It replaced my initial DD decoder purchase, an older, cheaper Sony model (SDP-E800, if I remember right) that had so much DAC noise in the surrounds I couldn't stand to be in the same room with it. I definitely don't want to make a similar mistake this time. Who makes a high-quality, low-frills Dolby Digital decoder these days?
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Jan 20, 2001
Well in this day and age, it seems that for the money that you're looking to spend you may have to buy a receiver and cut your loses on the amplification. Besides, most of the receivers in that price range have very generous (feature) offerings. Although I've heard that it's a very nice receiver altogether, the Outlaw Audio 1050 is a nice alternative as a pre/pro at $499.00 and I've seen it go for $450.00 new as well. However, if you have a system made up of seperates, the must have pre/pro for lots of people on this forum seems to be the soon released Outlaw Audio 950 for $900.00. So you have receivers with more features than your Sony processor and cost less than it did when it was first released.
What if it gets no better than this!?!

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