Sony DVP-NC650V vs JVC XV-FA90 DVD changers

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    Ok, on the paper, JVC has more features on it plus 10bit 54mhz video DAC whereas Sony has typical 10bit 27mhz video DAC. Does it make ANY difference? How's the track record with JVC in terms of reliability and disk compatibility?
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    One key difference between the two players is that the JVC offers progressive-scan video output, while the Sony is an interlaced player. If you need progressive-scan output, the decision is easy, though you should consider other progressive-scan players as well.
    If you don't need progressive-scan output, you could still use the JVC in interlaced mode. However, in comparing the two as interlaced players, I would go with the Sony. For one thing, I feel Sony makes better products, including DVD players, than JVC. Others may disagree with me, but that's my feeling. I've seen the JVC seven-disc changer at Best Buy, and the build quality is average, at best. The carousel mechanism is flimsy. The display unit I saw last weekend at the Best Buy in Moorestown, New Jersey, had a broken carousel mechanism.
    Another consideration is whether you want SACD (Sony unit) or DVD-Audio (JVC unit). I have both formats and feel SACD is better. It's tough to compare them directly (different players, different music), but SACD is a wonderful format. Furthermore, there are far more SACD titles available. I enjoy both formats, but if I could only have one, I'd go with SACD.
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