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Sony DA5ES and SACD /DVD Interconnects (1 Viewer)


Aug 12, 2002
DA5ES Owners:

I recently purchased a Sony SACD/DVD unit (NC650V) to add to my HT system and have been trying to "decode" both the DA5es and SACD/DVD operating manuals to determine how they should be connected to get both of the SACD and DVD functions into the DA5ES. Since the DA5ES operates uniquely on the inputs, I thought I would see what the other DA5ES people are doing.

From what I've read, you need to feed 5 analog lines from the SACD/DVD 5.1 Multi CH output to the DA5ES Multi CH input to get the SACD. This bypasses the surround effects of the DA5ES and when this input mode is selected the surround fields can't be used. You can use the limited surround fields in the SACD/DVD unit, however.

To get the DVD signal into the DA5ES and use the DA5ES surround fields, you need to run a digital or optical line into the DA5ES.

Thus you have two "sets" of interconnects - (1) analog (5 lines)for the SACD and with no surround fields from the DA5ES and (2) another digital interconnect for the DVD signals and with the DA5ES surround fields. You just select the input mode on the receiver depending what's in the SACD/DVD player.

Is this right?

I hate to by more cables than I need!



Senior HTF Member
Mar 28, 2000
Steve, for SACD, you will need six RCA cables to run between the 5.1-channel outputs on the 'NC650V and 5.1-channel inputs on the 'DA5ES. This connection will allow you to play stereo and multi-channel SACD tracks, as you can use the front left and right cables within the 5.1 arrangement for stereo material. Of course, you can use this set-up for CDs too.

I believe the 'NC650V has both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, so you could use the 5.1-channel connection (six RCA cables) for movies as well, but you might observe better sound quality by using either the optical or coaxial digital output. You should compare the sound quality of movies with both connections. For the digital connection, I recommend you go with a coaxial digital cable. I prefer this connection over the optical digital cable because the coaxial digital cable is more robust.

You could also use a digital cable for playback of CDs. While you are comparing the 5.1-channel connection and a digital cable with movies, you might as well do the same with CDs.

If you decide that you would benefit from a digital cable for DVDs and/or CDs, I would connect the cable to one of the DVD/LD inputs (coaxial or optical). Then you would select the DVD/LD digital input for DVDs and/or CDs and the 5.1-channel inputs for stereo and multi-channel SACDs and possibly CDs.

Dan Joy

Supporting Actor
Dec 8, 2001
Steve, I have the DA5ES, a SACDC222ES, and a Tosh 29something dvd player. I use 6 analog inter connects from sacd into DA5ES multichannel input 1, 2 analog inputs from sacd 2 channel out to cd/sacd DA5ES input in, and digital coax of 222ES into cd/sacd of DA5es. The manual states that you only have to use the 5.1 analog for 2 channel because the 2 channel will use front left and right of multichannel inputs. I used the channel also because I wanted to experiment with the straight 2 channel analog bypass of DA5ES to see if there was a difference. If there is, I can't tell so I don't recommend spending the extra cash! On my dvd player, I run a digital optical connection to dvd in on DA5ES.
I set multichannel 1 input to cd/sacd on menu set up and designated auto multichannel 1 as input source. That way if I have different discs in changer(sacd and cd) it will use digital connection for redbook and analog for 5.1.
Wow, that was an earful:D


Second Unit
Aug 23, 2002
Here's the skinny:
For the audio portion of the DVD, run either a coax or optical digital cable from the 650V to your 5ES. Pick, say the "DVD" input of the receiver (seems logical).
For SACD, you will absolutely need to run 6 analog cables to the receiver; the digital output of the unit may carry audio too, but it will be dessimated to 44.1 kHz, 16 bit (CD quality) and will be 2-channel. Unfortunately, you will not get bass management from your 650V for SACD. I know this, because I returned it in order to buy a SCD-CE775 (SACD only, not DVD) instead, because of the lack of bass management. In addition, the 5ES will not do bass management on multi-channel inputs. The only saving grace is that the 5ES will (AFAIK) mix the sub/LFE channel of the multi-channel inputs into the two fronts, if you have set the sub to off in the setup menu. It will not redirect bass from any of the 5 main channels to the sub/LFE channel.
To make things especially complicated, some studios use the SACD's sub channel as a 6th full-range channel (surround rear). So, you can split all the analog outputs of the SACD and run a second set of cables to the 6.1 input of the 5ES, and select that if you are playing one of those discs (or just ingnore the fact that you are missing out on the rear channel). Make sure that your sub's crossover is set appropriately, i.e. don't count on it receiving only bass just because it is plugged into the "sub" output of the 5ES. It will receive a full-range signal for some (not many) SACD's.
If you still have questions, post, and I will try to answer.

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